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Agroecology works! But who works in agroecology?

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    Agroecological food systems aim to use as little chemical pesticides and fertilizers as possible, even to do without them altogether. So far, in many contexts, this means that more labour is needed in these systems. However, in almost all regions around the world, less and less people want to work in agriculture and food processing, as incomes are low and working conditions often difficult – for agricultural laborers often even more than for farmers. With this panel discussion we would like to strengthen the debate about the factor labour in agroecology that still is a rather neglected issue.
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    Polit-Forum Bern, Marktgasse 67, 3011 Bern
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Questions to be discussed:

  • Is agroecology really more labor intensive that other forms of farming?
  • How can agroecological projects provide fair labor condition without the products being too expensive for ordinary people? Is this possible at all within the current system?
  • How do agroecological farmers mobilize labor, especially in the context where it is scarce?
  • Can agroecology provide a potential employment to the high youth underemployment that we see in some of the global south?

These are just some of the pressing questions that agroecological farmers are confronted with on a regular basis. HEKS/EPER has also been grappling with these questions through its programs in the South and now cordially invites you to dig deeper into these questions, along with experts, including Kartini Samon, coordinator of the international NGO GRAIN and others to be confirmed soon.

The event will close with a customary apero from 19:30.

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