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Exhibition Opening "Agrifutures Zürich"

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    Urbanisation processes are profoundly transforming the Earth. Enmeshed in the metabolic flows and the web of life, they are producing manifold planetary crises and demand urgent action. The exhibition Agrifutures Zürich addresses these crucial challenges and presents approaches to sustainable food production, alternative to ongoing agricultural intensification captured through cartographic maps, illustrations, photographs and films. Opening on the 5th October, the exhibition will be at display until the 17th December in ZAZ BELLERIVE, Zentrum Architektur Zürich.
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    ZAZ BELLERIVE Zentrum Architektur Zürich
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    ETH Zürich D-ARCH Chair Architecture of Territory, MAS Urban and Territorial Design

"Agrifutures Zürich" is one strand of a dual exhibition that displays a decade-long collaborative research at ETH Zürich, Department of Architecture.

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