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Practicing the Commons - A foodculture days event series

September 22-24 | Vevey / Zurich

The notions of the commons and community question our relationship to naturally available resources and our ability to organize ourselves collectively, the way we do things, and the dynamics of exchange, mutualization, domestication, possession, or control that we develop.

How can food help us to build communities and reconnect to the land? How can it encourage us to reposition ourselves within an organic system and develop virtuous ways of cohabitation? How, through them, can we learn to better preserve, (re)distribute, and share the planetary wealth?

In this series of events, created in collaboration with friends and partners, we invite you to experience how we practice the commons at different scales, with the aim of actively engaging with those questions and fostering a dialogue between food, art, and ecology.

AURAL ORAL with artist Grace Denis
at Praz Bonjour
Listening session and meal
22.9.2022 | 6 - 10 pm

BOCA A BOCA with Thamyres Matarozzi & Alejandra Monteverde
at SAE Greenhouse Lab
Aperitif and project launch
23.9.2022 | 5 - 8 pm

MOBILE SOILS: Overground with arvae, SAE Greenhouse Lab & TETI group
at SAE Greenhouse Lab
Art & Science dinner
24.9.2022 | 6:30 -11 pm

For more information about the events and detailled location, please visit our Event page.

The dinners require previous reservation trough this form. We kindly ask for a financial contribution for the Aural Oral event on Thu 22.09.2022.

We are looking forward to having you!
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